Please Note: There is an additional fee for neurofeedback. Our intake professionals can discuss costs at time of admission.

The ASWH Brain Center was designed to:
  • Increase addiction recovery rates
  • Aide in resolving impulse control disorders
  • Diminish eating disorders
  • Integrate trauma
  • and repair ADD/ADHD, anxiety disorders (including OCD), insomnia, and chronic pain issues.
az drug rehab program

How do we do this?

Nuerofeedback drug treatment programThrough a systematic use of Neurofeedback and applied neuro-technologies, we retrain the brainwaves and develop new neural pathways to enable clients to have more adaptive brain functioning (making better decisions, feeling less anxious, focusing better, and feeling more at peace.)

Does it work?

  • Relapse Prevention: According to the UCLA addiction study, only 43 sessions of neurofeedback, in conjunction with a 12-step or faith-based program, are needed to increase recovery rates, 1 year after treatment, from 8% to 77%.
  • Detoxification and Treatment Retention: Clients using Neurofeedback and Alpha Stim Technology find it easier and more comfortable to detox in early treatment while also being more able to stay engaged in treatment during the first stages of treatment recovery.
  • Meditation: Addicted Clients (including those with process addictions) have brains that struggle through meditation and contemplative practices. We offer not only Neurofeedback, as a remedy, but also the Hemi-Sync Brainwave Integration Programs and the P-Roshi System for medial prefrontal cortex development.
  • Anxiety: Alcoholics seem to have been “hard-wired” for anxiety (alcohol being a terrific anti-anxiety drug when it still worked.) Neurofeedback gives the anxiety sufferer relief by helping the over-aroused parts of the brain to calm. Anxiety disorders of all kinds have been completely resolved through the process.
  • Depression: Mood stabilization is greatly improved using Neurofeedback and Alpha Stim Technology.
  • Trauma Integration: From PTSD to a long-term, daily repetitive trauma, Neurofeedback utilizes the Alpha Theta protocols to integrate trauma without retraumatizing the Client. Attachment trauma also improves significantly.

Is This a Magic Bullet to Cure Addiction?

No. But it’s the closest that we have come to a magic bullet for addiction treatment in the last 50 years. Neurofeedback is the future of addiction treatment.

Neurofeedback and Addiction