A client entering any of A Sober Way Home’s programs must be at least 18 years of age. Clients must be medically cleared. Our facilities are gender-specific;  men’s and women’s residences are in separate locations within the city.  Financial arrangements for payment of our monthly fees must be approved prior to admittance. Client must follow all house standards and guidelines at all times.

Treatment for chemical dependency is difficult, often uncomfortable, and it’s not at all unusual that a new resident will want to leave – particularly at the beginning. Letting your loved one know that you’re committed to the full course of treatment and its completion, and that leaving early is not an option, will greatly assist your loved one in learning to settle in with us, and start on the important work he or she will need to do.

What To Bring to A Sober Way Home:

  • One form of identification
  • Insurance card
  • Current medications
  • Clothes for cold weather September-March
  • Clothes for warm weather April-August
  • Personal toiletries
  • Postage stamps
  • Appropriate pictures and items that provide comfort and a sense of “home”
  • CD players, MP3 players, and iPods are acceptable provided they do not have ANY WiFi or 3G capability.  iPod Touch or similar players are not permitted
  • Cameras are acceptable

Your loved one MAY NOT bring any of the following items to A Sober Way Home:

  • No personal computers
  • No cellular phones or pagers
  • No clothing with liquor logos or advertisements or drug references
  • No pornographic materials of any kind

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