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How changes to the Affordable Care Act will impact addiction treatment

Just type "repeal Obamacare addiction treatment" in a Google search and the results are nothing short of hysteria. Words like "decimate" and "looming disaster" and "armageddon"...

Is Self-Injury an Addiction?

Approximately two million incidents of self-injury are reported annually in the U.S. Cutting on the hands, wrists, stomach, and thighs are the most common form of self-injury,...

Dealing with Substance Use Bullies

A major function of rehab is to help you to identify the environmental triggers that can lead you to relapse: all those toxic people, places, events, and situations that can...

Problem Gambling Awareness Month

in Gambling Addiction

by Sherri Sharkins / March 20, 2017

A gambling addiction can be devastating and lead to financial ruin, depression and anxiety, hopelessness, and suicide. Gambling is a process addiction that takes many forms...

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day With New Traditions

How did you stay sober on St. Patrick's Day? Did you avoid the celebration by staying home, locking your doors, and gnawing on cold corn beef and Irish Soda Bread?


National Sleep Awareness Month

While it’s a popular idea that having a few drinks or doing drugs can help you get a good night’s sleep, numerous studies have found that sleep problems are a serious side...

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