At A Sober Way Home, we understand that good people, when in their addiction, may do things (i.e. commit crimes) they never would have had they been in their right state of mind. So, we are more than pleased to assist and gently guide the client in tackling the wreckage that may have been caused while they were living as an addict or alcoholic. Whether your loved one is facing severe penalties for their indiscretions while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or if they simply have a traffic ticket that needs to be addressed, our family and community liaisons will be happy to work with you and your family member to do whatever is necessary to allow the client to stay focused on their recovery.


Formal Letter Writing – Once Admitted, we’ll immediately inform the local Courts/Probation/Employers that your loved one is not sitting on the sidelines, but is being pro-active about tackling their addiction problem. We’re happy to write and send out as many letters/documents as needed to assist the client in addressing their “outside world” consequences.

Probation Check In Calls/Documentation – We’ll yield to the request of the unique probation department and we’ll either arrange to have the client call weekly (or monthly), or send in the necessary documentation, to maintain their probationary status and demonstrate to the courts that the client has “turned a corner”.

Cutting Edge Urinalysis Testing – We’re happy to arrange for more or less UA testing, if requested, to ensure that the client is complying with any court, probation or employer mandated testing. We will then ensure that all UA Results are sent to the proper recipient on the designated schedule of the requesting agency.

Accompanying The Client To Court – For a fee, we’re happy to send one of our trained professional to accompany the client to court, and act as a representative of A Sober Way Home, in order to address the court when questioned about the client’s progress. Having an actual representative from the center can be a very powerful tool in the court system. Please see the “Sober Chaperone Section” of the website.

Any Other Legal/Work/Probation needs – Please inform the family liaison or the client’s therapist upon checking in regarding charges the client is facing and what needs they may have. You can also e-mail any pertinent information to Brian McEnroe at