Dual Diagnosis Rehab Arizona

Understanding Dual Diagnosis Rehab In Arizona And Its Importance

It can be a source of great frustration when there is a relapse after a drug rehab program. A situation where traditional regular rehab treatment fails time and time again calls for a rethink. Dual diagnosis rehab offers a different approach that is far more effective than traditional methods of treatments.

The figures show that dual diagnosis issues are more common than people assume. Studies have shown that of the almost 20 million Americans with mental problems, about a fifth of them are addicted to alcohol or drugs.

The more we know and understand drug and alcohol addiction, the more dual diagnosis rehab becomes a very important aspect of drug dependency treatment in the US and Arizona in particular.

What is Dual Diagnosis?

Basically, we define dual diagnosis as a combination of substance abuse problems and mental disorder. The mental illness could sometimes be the underlying cause of the drug or substance abuse problem. Patients with dual diagnosis problems could suffer from mental problems such as schizophrenia, eating disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, etc.

Therefore this diagnosis indicates the presence or coexistence of two independent problems. However, the interaction between both problems produces a very complex situation in patients.

Why Dual Diagnosis Rehab is Important

Sometimes, drug rehab programs end in failure because the addiction is just the symptom of a much deeper problem. With dual diagnosis rehab in Arizona or elsewhere, we tackle the underlying cause of the addiction in addition to the drug rehab program.

We know that many patients simply abuse drugs as a means of coping with mental problems. Without proper diagnosis, rehab is bound to end in failure. Our dual diagnosis rehab programs in Arizona are designed to treat these mental problems (as well as the drug or alcohol abuse issues) so that patients can receive the treatment they deserve.

Key Elements in Dual Diagnosis Rehab in Arizona

Since dual diagnosis rehab in Arizona is designed to deal with both mental and drug abuse issues, the rehab center must have resident psychiatrists trained to deal with mental health issues. Also, there must be qualified, well-trained support staff experienced in treating patients with mental problems.

It should be understood that the pace of treatment for drug abuse and mental problems differ. We ensure our patients understand that while drug rehab usually moves along at a steady pace, tackling the underlying mental issues could be more complex and slower.

Understanding this prepares dual diagnosis rehab patients on what to expect and how long it might take. In some cases, we let our patients know it might even be necessary to transfer them to specialist psychiatrist hospitals if they are too mentally impaired.

Finally, it is important to note that dual diagnosis cases can be dangerous without proper rehab. So many factors can converge to put the lives of patients at risk.

Apart from overdosing on drugs, homelessness, social problems, financial issues can all converge and make life a living nightmare for the patient, friends, family, and colleagues

Therefore, prompt and adequate medical care must be made available to the patient. This is crucial.

Fortunately, there are several drug rehab centers which offer comprehensive dual diagnosis rehab in Arizona. If you need further information on dual diagnosis rehab, call us now. We would be glad to work with you and outline all your options as far as dual diagnosis rehab in Arizona is concerned.