At A Sober Way Home, our medical and clinical staff are trained to provide the help/referrals necessary for clients arriving to our center who may have already been dually diagnosed, as well as provide the assistance needed for clients who may be unaware of the presence of depression or mental health issues which may become apparent over time in.

How We Address Dual Diagnosis Clients:  
Each treatment plan at Sober Way is individualized to meet the needs of our clients. Under the supervision of our Medical Director,  Dr. Terry Vaughan, our Medical team provides an initial Medical Evaluation of every client.   Our medical team then reviews each client’s medical history, any known co-occuring mental health issues or diagnosis, and the medication regiment the client is currently following. Initially, our team may prescribe medication they feel is medically necessary to aid in the detox process, help with withdrawal symptoms and ultimately help stabilize the client.

Our individualized assessment and treatment plan continues with either Psychiatric or Psychological assessments, if indicated during each clients’ admission or medical assessment. Depending on their individual needs, each client will continue to see our medical team while under our care.

Over time she will follow up with clients to verify that their mental, emotional and physical states are leveling out. Often, clients begin to “feel normal again” after a few days or weeks. However, if clients do not appear to be improving satisfactorily with therapy alone in the emotional or mental arenas, she may suggest adding a needed medication, changing the level of medication, or changing the medications all together. In more severe cases, if the client is still not improving, the medical and clinical staff may refer clients to Dr. Ray Lemberg, Phd, our local clinical psychologist, for psychological testing and assessment.* Our goal is to address all co-occurring disorders to help the client to feel as much “like themselves” (clean/sober) and as comfortable in their skin as possible.

*There is an additional fee for this testing which may be partially or fully covered by insurance, depending on the insurance plan. The client’s therapist will assist you with any questions you may have.


Addiction Recovery at A Sober Way Home in Prescott, Arizona