Please Note: *There is an additional fee for Family Therapy Workshops. Our intake professionals can discuss costs at time of admission.

A Message to Family – About the Role of Loving Family and Friends

As no two clients are ever alike, every resident at A Sober Way Home receives an individualized treatment plan. As a result, it’s likely that some of your loved one’s requirements and privileges during treatment may differ from those of other residents. Please feel free to speak with your loved one’s counselor, who can explain in detail the specific goals of the treatment plan and answer any questions you may have about it. A client’s spouse, companion, and other family members are invited to come to A Sober Way Home to help work through and address issues that center around those important relationships for our client. We hold firmly to the belief that family should hold only a positive and powerful role in the recovery process; therefore, concentration on ‘reliving’ a negative past we have found to be neither useful nor advisable in treatment of clients.

Testimonials from former A Sober Way Home clients.

We whole heartedly welcome those family members who are willing to work with that client to help change present attitudes and behavior patterns that adversely impact the client’s interpersonal relationships. Family Therapy is an integral part of most clients’ therapy program. Just as the client needs to “get well”, by learning to live life without the crutch of alcohol or drugs to help them, the family needs to learn new tools for dealing with the addict. Family therapy is available to clients’ families in several ways. At the discretion of the client’s primary therapist, regular family therapy sessions may be set up over the phone (via conference calls with family) or family therapy session may be set up in conjunction with a family visitation pass. Please address any questions you may have about family therapy and how to go about scheduling a session with the client’s therapist.

Family Workshops

Throughout the year, we offer experiential-based, interactive family therapy workshops which will take place at ASWH in the Neurofeedback Brain Center. Workshops will be in a group setting with other clients’ families. Family workshop topics will include:

  • Family Systems
  • Communication patterns that may need to be addresses and changed
  • Past wreckage of addiction
  • Defining new strategies for open communication and healing
  • Tools for communicating effectively with, and supporting, your clean/sober loved one
  • Setting the stage for healthy relationships/dialogue within the family going forward
  • Find a source of support in other families attending workshop

Workshops will take place Friday and Saturday. Continental breakfast and a catered lunch will be included. Accommodations and daily dinners will be the responsibility of the families attending workshops.

Please ask the client’s therapist for more details on dates for these workshops.

About Long-term Outcomes

Please understand that we do not expect to “cure” anyone. We see addiction much like the disease of cancer: No one knows for certain what causes it; no one knows for sure how to cure it. So the best we can hope for – much like treating a cancer – is to assist our clients in sending this debilitating disease into full remission, and sending them back into the bigger world equipped with the tools to keep it in remission.

Local Lodging

Hassayampa Inn Offers Special Rates to Our Client’s Family:

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Special room rate for family members of clients at A Sober Way Home is $89.00 per night.