A Sober Way Home’s Gambling Specific Addiction Treatment Program provides compassionate, professional and comprehensive counseling and Gambling Specific Addiction Treatment in the mountainous setting of Prescott, AZ. Designed to further educate and support the compulsive gambler in their search for abstinence and recovery, we pride ourselves on offering the best gambling rehab services available. Our gambling addiction facility offers the most effective treatment modalities and methods to assist the problem gambler in discovering freedom and balance.

The naturally breathtaking and peaceful surroundings of Prescott offer the perfect setting for surrender, healing and a new beginning. Alongside our qualified and experienced staff, clients learn to live life on life’s terms, utilizing both traditional clinical processes as well as drawing support from the strong 12 step community and fellowship. Welcoming and tranquil, we provide a safe, comfortable place to mend.

A Sober Way Home’s Gambling Treatment Services offers something particularly rare and difficult to find – gambling specific treatment that is designed entirely for the problem and compulsive gambler. While many treatment facilities address gambling as a sideline to traditional substance abuse treatment, we treat gambling as the primary issue and offer top rated help for gambling addiction.

Our seasoned staff has first hand experience with compulsive gambling as well as classical education and training to ensure that clients are handled with respect and understanding. Our belief is that the Problem Gambler faces issues that necessitate an informed and firm yet loving approach. As every client’s treatment window is valuable, we remain dedicated to being as effective as possible during the time that we have with each client. The time to change is now. We can help.

Is your loved one or someone you know struggling with an addiction or compulsive behavior? Gambling is an intense and powerful compulsion. Those who indulge and participate in gambling to an unmanageable degree seldom recover without professional assistance. Our program provides that assistance. Work with treatment and recovery centers for addiction to get the professional help you deserve.


After being in and out of GA rooms and several treatment centers over a twenty-year period I finally found the program that changed my life. My counselor Jody’s insight is truly remarkable. He saved my marriage, my life and gave me true serenity.
–Randy P.

Every day I live in recovery is a gift from God. I can’t thank Gambling Treatment Services enough for beginning my faith in the GA program. You will not find a better teacher than Jody! He is truly an amazing person, and I owe my strength, confidence, and tools to succeed in my life-long journey to him. Any person struggling with gambling issues would benefit from this program!
–Jerry M.

I am a proud alumnus of Gambling Treatment Services…. as tough and resistant as I was a times, sticking with the program was one of the best decisions of my life. Jody Pegram helped me tremendously to get through the denial and helped point me in a solid direction. I would encourage anyone who would like to begin to experience a new freedom and way of life to give the program a chance. The knowledge and experience of their impeccable staff is unparalleled.
–Ryan P.

Gambling Treatment Services has changed my life dramatically. Not only did it help me with my gambling problem, it also helped me to understand myself. The staff was amazing and I met lifelong friends. I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Gambling Treatment Services. They are amazing!
–Jerry H.