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Heroin Treatment Centers In Arizona: How To Know A Person Is Addicted To Heroin

Heroin is one of the deadly addictive drugs and is not medically approved. The thing about using this drug is that after just a few attempts a user will quickly get addicted and develop an abuse of the substance. Heroin addiction is a problem amongst young adults especially between the ages of 18 to 25 years.

People with heroin addiction need help and it is important to know the signs to look for with people suffering from heroin addiction. When you notice any of these

Here are eight ways to tell if a person is suffering from heroin addiction:

1) Paraphernalia:

People who take heroin have the people that supply them with all they need to use the drug. You will find them in possession of a small bowl for dissolving the heroin inside water, needles for injecting the heroine and cotton wool pieces to soak the heroin up.

2) Act sleepy:

When a person is using heroin, they find it difficult to look straight and when they talk they sound very incoherent and drowsy. When you look at them, it would seem as if they are falling asleep.

3) Smaller pupils:

How you know a person that takes this drug is that the user’s pupils very small almost the size of a pinpoint.

4) Track marks:

You will find needle marks inside their elbow area, on their writs and the back side of the hands. Injection marks can also be found at the back of their knees and in between their toes. With prolonged use of heroin, the person will begin to develop collapsed veins and would have to then start injecting the drugs into their arms, buttocks or their thighs.

5) Health issues:

People with heroin addiction usually have health problems like blood infections, diseases that are contagious, miscarriages and even abscesses.

6) Withdrawal:

You know a person is suffering from a heroin problem when they begin to disengage from their friends and families. They begin to lose interest in their hobbies and family activities. They no longer care about anyone’s needs especially if the person isn’t into heroin.

Heroin addicts develop withdrawal symptoms and with time one will begin to notice significant symptoms which include bone aches, irritability, sweating, and nausea.

7) Overdose:

When a person becomes an addict, gradually they would begin to increase the amount of heroin they take. When a user starts taking an overdose, it means the addiction has reached a critical level. A person using an overdose will be unconscious and cannot easily be woken up. Their lips will show tints of blue as well as their nails and skin. Their breathing will be shallow is you may not notice any breath from them. If you find a heroin addict in this condition it is important that you call for an emergency unit to attend to the person immediately.

If you suspect that someone close to you is abusing heroin, you can call heroin treatment centers in Arizona to assist you to help them with this addiction. You don’t have to wait till the case becomes an emergency, reach out to heroin treatment centers in Arizona that will conduct an intense detox and also give the addict a psychotherapeutic treatment.