Individual therapy sessions are private counseling sessions that take place between the client and their primary care therapist. Individual therapy sessions take place once a week, but work in close conjunction with their Primary Therapy Group (which is led by their therapist). This is a time for the client to share/discuss more personal topics and goals in an intimate setting.

Upon admittance, the clinical director determines which therapist will be a good fit for the client based on many factors. Then a comprehensive assessment will be performed to get an accurate picture of the client’s drug/alcohol use history and other deep-seeded issues that may be present. A treatment plan is created based on the information gathered, conversations with the client, and discussion with the family and the clinical team. Through the stabilization period, therapy will be delicate. As time passes, and the client starts to “clear-up” and become more grounded in the program, here are a few of the topics the therapist will cover in individual therapy sessions:

  • Looking at denial, wreckage caused, effects of addiction on their lives
  • Cleaning up wreckage (with family, with the courts, with employers, etc…)
  • Look at relationship patterns (with family, friends, significant others, self)
  • Establishing boundaries
  • Reversing fear based beliefs about themselves
  • Later in the therapeutic process, they’ll discuss starting to re-integrate and assimilate in the community via a part-time job, volunteering or classes while keeping recovery a main priority
  • After a little more time, they’ll discuss re-entering the work world, do further boundary setting work, stress management, family work, and breaking down old messages
  • Finally, the therapist will work closely with the client to set up an effective aftercare plan that includes a balance of recovery, work, fun, and family. At this point the client should feel comfortable their own skin again and return to the “outside world” as a renewed person


Addiction Recovery at A Sober Way Home in Prescott, Arizona