Rehab for Pregnant Women

The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists reported that in 2010 only 19 states had drug rehab programs for pregnant women.  We created our prenatal rehab program to guide and support pregnant women through the many physical and emotional challenges of addiction recovery for both themselves and their unborn children.  Pregnancy can be a welcomed event in a woman’s life or it may be a time of mixed feelings, confusion, and even crisis.  Our goal is to help minimize the challenges and to promote the health and well being of both mother and child. 

For many women, pregnancy is a time when one becomes more focused on one’s own health in order to encourage the health of the child that one is carrying.  Many women become more aware of what they are putting into their bodies at this time and begin to consider how it may be affecting their unborn child.

However, if you are pregnant and struggling with addiction, this natural period of self-reflection can be disheartening.  You may have concerns and questions regarding the impact your use may be having on your child.  You may be wondering how feasible it is to get sober while pregnant. 

There is a common misunderstanding that if drugs and alcohol were used in early pregnancy, the damage has already been done to the unborn child and that it is “too late” to seek treatment.  Fortunately, this belief is unfounded.  According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the fetus oftentimes “catches up” in growth and development if a mother receives comprehensive alcohol or drug addiction treatment, including support for sustained sobriety, good nutrition, and appropriate prenatal care.  Our integrated addiction treatment program for pregnant women is specifically designed to nurture and support expecting mothers in sobriety, and offers a mother and her child the best chance for full recovery.

Drug Treatment Programs for Pregnant Women

Even though it may feel like it, you are not alone in your struggle. If you are pregnant and seeking treatment for substance abuse, you may have shared concerns with others who face the same kinds of challenges.  You may fear the judgment of healthcare professionals or others, be concerned about law enforcement, be ashamed of your continued drug use, or worry that you don’t have the capacity to remain sober for yourself and your baby. Our specialized rehab programs for pregnant women try to remove the shame and guilt that often come with using while pregnant to instead focus on getting clean and being healthy. 

Studies suggest that women who abuse alcohol and drugs are more likely to have been victims of sexual or domestic abuse. If this is true for you, our pregnancy rehab programs will help to address the trauma and other underlying issues that may be contributing to continued substance use. Addiction treatment isn't just about quitting drugs or alcohol, it's about getting healthy and being whole again.  

Our addiction recovery program for pregnant women offers specialty groups tailored to your unique needs.  In these groups, you will meet with other mothers-to-be who are also working towards sobriety. Together, you will work through your fears and get the support and education that you need while building a network of peers.  Our prenatal rehab program includes the following services:

  • Weekly process groups to discuss your unique concerns
  • Coordination of prental care and transportation to OB/GYN appointments
  • Nutritional evaluation and counseling
  • Dual diagnosis treatment under the care of a psychiatrist
  • Parenting education
  • Psychoeducation for emotional and nervous system regulation to address anxiety, depression, and unresolved trauma
  • Transportation to a local community center offering pregnancy education
  • Access to community agencies offering pregnancy and adoption counseling when requested
  • Support in connecting with local resources such as Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) and the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS)

Let us help

Do you have more questions on our drug treatment programs for pregnant women? Not sure if drug rehab while pregnant is a good idea? Contact our addiction treatment specialists today for more information.