We are proud to be considered one of the top Women's Drug Treatment Centers in America and to have been featured on popular shows such as Oprah and A&E’s Intervention. Along with our tried and true drug treatment programs we even have a new cutting edge Neurofeedback brain center* to help you speed up your addiction recovery & improve recovery rates.

We provide women with safe, effective, intensive and expansive therapeutic drug rehab and alcoholism addiction treatment programs in Arizona. Our family-style residential setting prepares women to remain clean and sober while embracing the benefit of a lifelong 12-Step commitment.

Young Women & Opiate Addiction

Women's Rehab - The Joint Commission AccreditedSadly, heroin and opiate addiction among young women is increasing. We have created a treatment program geared towards helping young female opiate addicts detox, live among other women who are clean opiate addicts, and be treated by clinicians with years of experience in opiate addiction.

Our aim is to teach young women to develop the self-esteem, confidence, maturity, work ethic, impulse control, healthy relationships and coping skills to carve out a successful life for themselves. It is our goal to meet each client where they are at and ultimately help them rejoin their lives outside of a rehab facility, clean, sober and with the tools to maintain lasting recovery and abstinence.

Adult Women & Addiction

Some of our women’s rehab clients are more mature, professional clientele for whom addiction is getting in the way of being a successful member of their community or being a present spouse or parent for their family. We understand that working women have a busy life and many responsibilities which lead them to falsely assume there can be no time for addiction treatment.

The reality is: If your drug or alcohol addiction is getting in the way of your life… your job, spouse, friends and career will be gone if you DON’T address the problem at hand. We want to help you “rejoin” your own life!

Women's Rehab Arizona

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Each treatment plan at Sober Way is individualized to meet the needs of our clients. Under the supervision of our Medical Director,  Dr. Terry Vaughan, our Medical team provides an initial Medical Evaluation of every client.   Our medical team then reviews each client’s medical history, any known co-occuring mental health issues or dual diagnosis, and the medication regiment the client is currently following. Initially, our team may prescribe medication they feel is medically necessary to aid in the detox process, help with withdrawal symptoms and ultimately help stabilize the client.

Clients often begin to “feel normal again” after a few days or weeks. However, if clients do not appear to be improving satisfactorily with therapy alone in the emotional or mental arenas, she may suggest adding a needed medication, changing the level of medication, or changing the medications all together. In more severe cases, if the client is still not improving, the medical and clinical staff may refer clients to our local clinical psychologist. Our goal is to address all co-occurring disorders to help the client to feel as much “like themselves” (clean/sober) and as comfortable in their skin as possible.

Family Therapy

Throughout the year, we offer experiential-based, interactive family therapy. Workshops will be in a group setting with other clients’ families. Family workshop topics will include:

  • Family Systems
  • Communication patterns that may need to be addresses and changed
  • Past wreckage of addiction
  • Defining new strategies for open communication and healing
  • Tools for communicating effectively with, and supporting, your clean/sober loved one
  • Setting the stage for healthy relationships/dialogue within the family going forward
  • Find a source of support in other families attending workshop

Holistic Addiction Therapy

Some of our holistic addiction therapy programs currently include Somatic Experiencing (SE) and equine therapy. We know that everyone needs to follow their own path to recovery and for many of our women’s rehab program clients, these holistic addiction therapies have been highly effective.

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Court Assistance Services

At A Sober Way Home, we understand that good people, when in their addiction, may do things (i.e., commit crimes) they never would have had they been in their right state of mind. So, we are more than pleased to assist and gently guide the client in tackling the wreckage that may have been caused while they were living as an addict or alcoholic.


  • Formal Letter Writing
  • Probation Check In Calls/Documentation
  • Cutting Edge Urinalysis Testing
  • Accompanying The Client To Court
  • Any Other Legal/Work/Probation needs

Please inform the family liaison or the client’s therapist upon checking in regarding charges the client is facing and what needs they may have.

Drug Treatment for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy can be overwhelming and it hard for most women to feel comfortable that they are making the best choices for themselves and their babies. This pressure is amplified when you are also struggling with alcohol or drug addiction. We offer a specilized drug treatment program for pregnant women who are ready to quit using. Read more about our prenatal rehab program

Women's Gambling Addiction Treatment

Our Gambling Specific Treatment Program for women provides compassionate, professional and comprehensive counseling and Gambling Specific Treatment in the mountainous setting of Prescott, AZ.

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