We have noticed a very chilling trend among young drug users: More and more are listing heroin or opiate pills as their number one drug of choice. This is no longer a socioeconomic issue, nor is it an issue of intelligence or simply making a “choice.” In more cases than not, opiates and heroin are more easily available than most other drugs (including alcohol) for young people. It is not uncommon for the younger opiate users in our program to have a broad knowledge of various opiate-based medications available to them, drug interactions, and the paraphernalia necessary to administer those drugs, than that of any previous generation.

In order to address the specific needs of the young opiate addict, we have created a treatment program geared towards helping young opiate addicts detox, live among other clean opiate addicts, and be treated by clinicians with years of experience in opiate addiction.

Our Medical Director, Dr. Terry Vaughan, who is certified by the American Psychiatric Association and The American Medical Association, is certified to administer opiate blockers such as Suboxone and Subutex (Buprenorphine).  The first goal is to eliminate as much pain as possible associated with opiate withdrawal. Then (whenever possible) the client will reside amongst peers dealing with similar issues related to opiates addiction withdrawal, who have accumulated some clean time off opiates.

Finally, they’ll be provided the unique counseling they’ll need with therapists who are either former opiate addicts themselves or have first-rate experience working with opiate addicts.

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